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Understanding How Weeping Tiles Work

Weeping Tiles Pipe

Keeping water away from the foundation walls of your Ottawa home is an important step in preventing mould, mildew, damage and flooding. One strategy to divert water away from homes and buildings that’s been trusted for centuries is the weeping tile system. Keep reading to learn more.

What are weeping tiles? 

Simply put, weeping tiles are pipes that are used to direct water away from your home. Homeowners all over Ottawa rely on weeping tiles to work in tandem with their home’s drainage system to prevent flooding and water damage.

How weeping tiles work

Weeping tile pipes are covered with permeable holes on all sides. The pipes are wrapped with a special cloth that permits water to enter but prevents dirt and debris from clogging the holes and filling the pipe. Once the pipes are wrapped, they are then placed in the ground, hole side up, around the perimeter of your home. Once installed they carry water away from your foundation walls and into the storm sewer. Weeping tile systems can be installed on the exterior of your home or underneath your basement floor.

Maintaining a weeping tile system

Add the following tasks to your yearly home maintenance checklist to ensure your weeping tile system is in good working order year after year:

• Clean your gutters at the start of every season

• Make sure your downspouts are directed away from the house

• Clean leaves and debris from your window wells

• Test your sump pump regularly to ensure it’s working properly

• Make sure you have proper grading & waterproofing around the exterior of your home

The importance of proper drainage

The lack of proper water drainage around your home can cause a number of problems including puddles and leaks around your home’s exterior, high humidity and even structural damage. If water is allowed to penetrate the foundation, the concrete will absorb the excess water and become weaker over time. Tree roots in the weeping tile can cause structural damage like shifting and sagging, and even make your home unsafe to live in. Weeping tile along with proper waterproofing will keep your home dry.

For more information on how weeping tiles can protect the structure and value of your Ottawa home, contact Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry today. The experts at Bol-Dan can help you evaluate your home’s drainage system, identify points of weakness, and work with you to find the best possible solution. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.


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