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Dependable House Foundation Repair and Restorations in Ottawa

Uneven floors, cracks in bricks and floors, water leaks, and windows that are hard to operate – all are signs that your foundation is in need of repair. If you find any such issues or cracks, call us. Since 1994, Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc has been the top choice for foundation repair services and restorations in the Ottawa and Outaouais region. Our professionals can identify the issues and provide reliable solutions to restore your property’s value and integrity. So, if you need a professional foundation repair for your house in Ottawa, connect with us today!

What We Do

At Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc, we’ve solutions for various foundation issues, including deteriorating foundation walls, crawl space leaks, cracked foundations, basement leaks, and more. Our experts will ensure the job is done correctly and within your budget. We understand that common issues with your foundation can be devastating to your home’s value, appearance, and comfort. Our foundation repair and restoration services are designed to completely restore your property’s structure to its original position. Our services include:

Foundation repairs
Foundation crack repairs

Identifying Issues with Your Foundation

In the initial stages, any issues with your foundation may seem extreme; if you’re able to identify the issues and treat them before they become too advanced, most of them will have simple and long-lasting solutions. Hence, we always suggest that it is important to make sure that the foundation of your house is well-maintained. 

Some of the common issues are:

  • Cracks
  • Basement water leaks
  • Cracks on the inner or outer walls
  • Windows and doors are not operating properly
  • And more

Foundation Crack Repairs

Also, it is vital to check the foundation cracks at first, as some can lead to severe damage to your property. Whenever you find a crack in your home, trust our experts to offer quality house foundation repairs in Ottawa. We can diagnose the situation and provide you with reliable solutions. Following are the reasons why cracks may occur:

  • Frost damage
  • Excessive load
  • Changes in temperature
  • Concrete curing
  • And more

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Start Worrying about the Cracks?

While it is always advisable to schedule regular checks and take preventive measures to avoid foundation damage, thinner and vertical cracks are not a cause of concern. However, the situation calls for immediate attention when you notice wider cracks with significant openings, horizontal cracks, or stairstep cracks.

How Long Does It Take to Repair the Foundation?

Many factors like the foundation's size or the damage's extent determine the time taken to fix a foundation. But, on average, foundation repair takes about 1-3 days.

What Should I Look out For?

While time takes its toll on every house, it’s recommended that you look out for some warning signs to avoid further damage. Some of the signs to watch out for are:

  • Hairline or larger cracks on walls
  • Walls seemed to be bowing outwards
  • Cracking around doors and windows
  • Multiple cracks on floor tiles
  • Doors seeming uneven
  • Doors and windows are not closing properly
  • Floors making popping and creaking sounds
  • Cabinets or other wall attachments separating from the wall

Read our blog for more tips about foundation repairs.

Contact Us

Call our professionals before the foundation issues develop into a more expensive repair. We have the experience and skills to repair your home’s foundation with the utmost care and concern. We use the latest techniques and tools to protect your home for years to come.

In addition to foundation repairs, we also provide waterproofing solutions for basements and foundations.

Strong Foundation Repairs from Our Local Experts

At Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc, we provide simple and long-lasting solutions to your foundation problems.

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