Masonry Repairs & Restoration in the Ottawa & Outaouais Region

Bricks and stones are very strong materials and can last for decades without needing restoration. However, bad weather can degrade their surfaces and the solidity of the structure. In spite of that, repairs are usually sufficient to restore your masonry work.

The type of necessary repair on a masonry structure depends on the damages and nature of the original work. BOL-DAN’s skilled team of contractors is equipped to take on various types of custom masonry repair in Ottawa. We can also conduct complete masonry restoration projects. 

Types of Masonry Repairs
Mortar Joint Repointing
Mortar is less resistant to bad weather than bricks and stones: it is prone to moisture absorption, which leads to deterioration through freezing, salt dissolution, and calcium buildup. Stress and movement in the wall can also cause cracking, thereby weakening the structure in itself.
By repointing the joints, our professional masons will replace the damaged parts of mortar. This will strengthen back the masonry work. Normally, joint repointing is required no more than once a century.

Masons can revitalize the aspect of your masonry structure by simply refacing it. This consists in taking the facade apart and rebuilding it with new material. If the structure is made of bricks that are not in a too poor condition, the mason can reuse the bricks by simply turning them, so that the damaged side faces the interior.

Veneer Masonry vs. Solid or Dry Set Masonry
As previously stated, the type of masonry will directly influence the needed type of repair. Veneer masonry solely has an aesthetic objective: it is attached to the outside of the framework, which serves as a support base to its masonry facade. Solid masonry is a free-standing structure, made to fight off elements and stay strong on its own.

Whatever type you have, BOL-DAN’s proficient team has the experience to make the repairs of masonry work in Ottawa, whether it is made with bricks, stones or even concrete blocks.

Take a look at what we can do. 

Custom Masonry Work in Ottawa

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Masonry Restoration in Ottawa

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Masonry Repairs

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Garage Floor Replacement

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