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Professional Foundation Crack Repair in Ottawa

Whenever a crack appears in your home foundation, it requires your attention. Although not all cracks are problematic, some may cause a water infiltration and damage or be an indicator of a structural problem that can lead to expensive interventions. With the help of BOL-DAN’s team, your foundation crack repair experts in Ottawa, these issues can be dealt with efficiently. Our services are quite comprehensive, as we cover notably masonry repair and foundation waterproofing. Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc is your reliable foundation contractors in Ottawa. We have been providing our clients with professional restoration and excavation services since 1994.

Reliable Repair and Restoration for Your Foundation Cracks

Cracks can appear to be fine lines but can cause massive damage to your property, especially if they are evident in the foundation. Cracks often develop unexpectedly; moreover, they tend to spread. So, if a crack develops in a particularly sensitive point in the structure or spreads to reach that point, it can weaken the entire foundation of your building. This is why cracks require urgent attention and expert intervention.

At Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc, we provide foundation crack repair services for property owners in the Ottawa region. If you notice unexpected and unexplained leakages in your basement or near the walls or the doors, please do reach out to us.We can provide you with complete repair and restoration services for the cracks in your foundation.


Our expert workmen can carry out a complete inspection of your foundation to check for any structural faults and start with the restoration process. Based on their observations, they can provide you with a fair and transparent cost estimate. We do not have any hidden costs and try to ensure that the work is completed within the given timescale and budget. Call us to know more about our expert foundation crack repair services in Ottawa.

Why is Foundation Repair Crucial?

It is crucial to repair your foundation without delay because any fault in your homes' foundation can severely affect its structural integrity. If ignored over a prolonged period, faults in the foundation can also cause significant damage to the structure and the construction, leading to repair and restoration bills breaking the roof.

A faulty foundation can weaken the load-bearing walls and cause the entire structure to collapse if ignored over a long period. If you feel that the foundation walls are settling or failing, it is important to dig down to the home's footing level, along the perimeter, and inspect for cracks.

Certain signs of structural failure are more evident than others. Bending walls and leaning chimneys could be signs of structural problems. It is essential to examine the exterior drain tile for blockages or clogs in the weep holes. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our services.

Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc can repair the cracks in your foundation by adding sealant. We can also perform the repair work by injecting epoxy injections into the cement.

Different types of cracks

There are many types of cracks: wall or floor shrinkage cracks; wall or floor settlement cracks. Therefore, repairing techniques depend on various criteria:

  • The material used for the foundation (brick, stone or concrete) 
  • The area where the crack appears (wall, floor, slab, crawlspace or basement)
  • Size of the crack (the width of a 10 cents coin’s edge or wider) 
  • The shape of the crack (vertical, horizontal or diagonal; straight or in zig-zag; wider or thinner at one end)

Homeowners whose foundations are in bricks should be aware that cracks in brick walls always expand and need to be checked by professionals only. You can trust Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc’s expertise and foundation crack repairs services in Ottawa to take care of your house’s foundation.

Why Foundation Cracks Appear

The origins of cracks in foundations are multiple. Serious or not, no crack should be left unchecked as some can let water in the structure or indicate a weakness in the foundation that might lead to severe damages. The following list gives you an overview of the reasons why cracks may appear in residential foundations:

  • Concrete curing
  • Changes in temperature
  • Improper mix when preparing concrete
  • Lack of steel reinforcement in the foundation
  • Movements in foundations due to incorrect footings
  • Building settlement
  • Excessive load
  • Roots of a tree planted too close to the building
  • Frost damage
  • Soil expansion due to water or frost
  • Improperly compacted soil
  • And other causes

Crack Foundation Repair Techniques

Wall and floor shrinkage cracks are harmless. They can be sealed against water infiltration, stopped from furthering by adding control joints, and simply repaired to avoid tripping.

Wall settlement cracks are problematic as they imply that the foundation’s stability must be restored. Stell pins, piers or rods can be used depending on the terrain conditions and components. Large-scale repairs may require excavation and reconstruction, usually including basement waterproofing. Repairing techniques for floor settlement cracks are the same as for floor shrinkage cracks. 


Keeping a regular check on foundation problems avoids significant damages to your property. Some issues can go unnoticed but conducting a professional inspection can be helpful. If you need reliable foundation repair services, call us to assist. We can help you identify the problems that might become severe in the future. If you are unsure about the importance of foundation repair, consider the following benefits:

  • It enhances the value of your house
  • It improves the aesthetics of your property
  • It avoids flooding in the basement
  • It avoids plumbing problems
  • It saves your house from structural failures


Have you noticed a crack in your foundation but are not sure what it means? At At Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc, we have all the necessary knowledge to evaluate the situation and suggest the best course of action. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a free estimation.

Say No To Unwanted Moisture

Bid goodbye to the excess moisture manifesting in your wants, foundation, basement and more with our excellent waterproofing services.

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