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Professional Masonry Services in Ottawa

BOL-DAN provides a wide range of masonry services in the Ottawa region. In order to deal with all types of structural and foundation issues, as much as with water infiltration problems in your home, we’ve gathered a team of skilled and diligent professionals you can definitely trust with taking care of your most important investment: your house.

Our Residential Services

 Grout pumping
 Vacuum excavation
 Humidex installation

Masonry Degradation: Signs and Solutions

No matter how well a house is built, the movements in the ground and the constraints that weather imposes on the structure can, with time passing, lead to a moment when repairs are necessary. If the brick and stone on your sidings or walls show signs of degradation, or the joints are deteriorating, do not hesitate to contact us! We can assure you of a timely response and high quality work. Our options are:

  • Brick and stone repointing
  • Brick replacing/reset
  • Parging (pargeting)

Brick and Stone Repointing

Brick and stone repointing consists in taking out unsteady and crumbling mortar in order to replace it with new material, which restores the masonry’s appearance and stability. When the surface of the mortar doesn’t protect your house’s outer walls anymore, they become exposed to water infiltrations and erosion. A good repointing lasts decades, just like the original mortar joints. Obviously, the process will have to be redone after several years in order for the outer wall to be carefully preserved and maintained, since mortar joints naturally degrade. Knowing when to have your brick and stone professionally repointed is easy: compare the depth of the disintegration to the height of the mortar filling. When the two measures are equivalent, it’s time to get an expert’s help!

Loose Brick Replacing or Repairing

A loose brick in an outer wall or on stairs is not just unaesthetic: it can lead to a collapse of the wall or be a danger for people walking on the concerned step. However, it is possible to repair the loose brick, by simply replacing the old mortar and putting the brick back. This solution is preferable if the brick is, of course, still in good state. Indeed, a new brick might not match the hue and texture that fits with the rest of the structure. However, if a brick is cracked or broken, it must be replaced by a new one, as it could let moisture penetrate the walls.


Parging, or pargeting means coating a concrete or masonry surface with a mortar made out of cement or polymer. The purpose of parging is to create an even cover, smoothing the rough façade underneath while filling the air gaps and various holes. Parging may also be used to prepare an area before applying a protective coating or to prevent air infiltrations in some cases. This method is an alternative to repointing, as it gives cohesiveness to masonry walls when mortar starts deteriorating without the cost of repointing. At BOL-DAN, we know exactly when and how to apply parging on your walls: the right temperature (of 5°C for several days, no sudden drop expected), the correct blend of ingredients to achieve the right consistency and, of course, the way to give aesthetic and structurally cohesive results. If your parging starts wearing off, don’t wait: call us!

waterproofing foundation

FOundation Waterproofing for ottawa builds

Avoid water infiltrations in the basement.

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