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Weeping Tiles Installation in Ottawa

BOL-DAN is the partner you need for efficient and professional weeping tiles installation in Ottawa and the Outaouais region. As experienced and certified waterproofing contractors, we can protect your house against water flooding, whether your foundation walls are concrete, brick or stone.


Our services, which are complementary to our basement and foundation waterproofing procedures, include:

  • Excavating the exterior foundation walls to the footing (for already built houses)
  • Ensuring there is a positive drainage source by correcting slopes
  • Cutting the plastic tiles to the desired length
  • Installing the plastic pipes drainage tiles (exterior and interior)
  • Installing the filter sock on the pipes
  • Installing weeping tiles window wells
  • Replacing damaged weeping tile sections (for already built houses)
  • Connecting the tiles to the storm sewer
  • Installing a layer of gravel to complete the drainage system
  • Filling the trench back with gravel, sand, dirt and sod

What is the purpose of weeping tile?

Weeping tiles primarily are pipes with little holes located around the basement foundation. These pipes collect rainwater and take it away from the foundation walls to prevent water from entering your basement.


Depending on your home drainage requirements, weeping tiles can be broadly divided into two categories, namely exterior and interior weeping tiles. The exterior weeping tile or French drain manages water at the ground level before entering your basement. An interior weeping tile is used in situations when the exterior weeping tile system fails and is installed under your basement flooring.


You can enjoy the following benefits of weeping tile installation:

  • It is a very cost-effective solution
  • Keeps water away from your house
  • Can be easily installed around the home
  • Increases life expectancy of foundations
  • Gives a wet, damp, and mold-free basement

You should hire a professional weeping tile installer to get the best results. You can rely on BOL-DAN FOUNDATION & MASONRY INC to effectively install weeping tiles inside or on the perimeter of your Ottawa home. Our professionals can complete the job in the most non-invasive and budget-friendly way possible. Get in touch with us today!


Common Problems with Older Weeping Tiles Systems

The weeping tiles systems have evolved in 80 years of usage, from clay tiles—before 1970—to plastic pipes. With houses built between 1940 and 1950, drainage systems are either absent or non-functional. With residential buildings anterior to 1970, our experts can sometimes see clay tiles systems that do not drain water anywhere or are nonexistent. With time, dirt and tree roots can enter the pipes and clog or damage them.

If you have an older house and are unsure if you have any weeping tiles installed around your home, you can always contact us for our expertise and advice to make the best choice.


The Importance of Draining Water

Weeping tiles are installed around your house based on the foundation walls. They allow water that accumulates close to the footing to be drained into the storm sewer or the sump pump system. Considering that concrete and mortar are porous, they end up absorbing water. The pool formed by the walls has a tendency to remain there for several years if not correctly drained, which leads to the deterioration of the foundation, hence the loss of the whole building’s structural integrity.


Have Your Weeping Tile Checked Out

Most of the time, problems in the drainage system go unnoticed for years, until a crack appears in the foundation, which makes homeowners aware of potential issues. Yet, there are signs that you can look for:

  • Puddles forming during rainstorms
  • Humidity level getting higher in the basement
  • Efflorescence developing on concrete surfaces (white glassy powder)
  • Water leaking in the basement

In the case of water leaks, the weeping tiles are not always faulty. You need to ensure the origin of the leak before deciding to invest a large amount of money into weeping tiles repairs in Ottawa. A regular inspection is the best way to determine whether your drainage system, modern or not, is fully functional.


How to Choose the Right Weeping Tile System in Ottawa?

As a homeowner, you must make an informed decision while choosing a weeping tile system for your home. Choosing the right approach can make all the difference. Your professional weeping tile installers know the most suitable weeping tile system for your homes based on the following factors:

  • A clog-resistant design
  • Drain water from leaky walls
  • Independent of filter fabric
  • A large outlet draining to a sump

Apart from the factors mentioned above, weeping tiles must not cause structural damage to your residential property. You can rely on us to serve you with the best possible weeping tile inspection and installation.



When to Replace Your Weeping Tiles

Clay weeping tiles that are damaged and clogged must be replaced. Such a system usually works for decades but its lifespan depends on the movement in the ground and the expansion due to frost that tend to make the tiles move, so that tree roots and dirt can easily get in. Even a modern system can get damaged. If ever you suspect that your weeping tiles are not functioning properly, contact BOL-DAN: we can evaluate the situation and offer you a free estimation for the required work.


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