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Certified Waterproofing Contractors in Ottawa

BOL-DAN’s team of waterproofing contractors is certified and equipped to help you avoid flooding and water buildup in your basement and repair cracks in your home’s foundation. We provide the following waterproofing services with a 20-year guarantee.

Our Waterproofing Services

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement involves applying sealant materials, and installing drains and other methods to prevent water from penetrating the basement of your house or building. We install a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane called Platon® on the basement floor on your foundation walls to prevent moisture from the soil from entering and damaging your basement.

Foundation Waterproofing

The foundation of your house is the most critical part that keeps your house from standing. Waterproofing the foundation by installing waterproofing barriers and grade level or underground drainage systems is essential to protect your foundation from water damage.

Weeping tiles

We offer exterior weeping tiles that manage the water at ground level before it enters your basement, as well as interior weeping tiles installed under your basement flooring and used when the exterior weeping tile system fails.

Get in touch with our team of skilled and experienced waterproofing contractors in Ottawa to discuss your project today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of professional waterproofing contractors in Ottawa is committed to your satisfaction and will work hard to exceed, and often exceed them. Our services come with a 20-year guarantee, so you can be assured that your property will be protected from moisture and water damage. Have a look at the most commonly asked waterproofing questions:

How Long Will It Take to Waterproof My Place?

An average waterproofing job can take anywhere between a day to a week to complete. This depends on various factors such as the foundation material (concrete or stone), the depth of the footing and waterproofing area, and the accessibility of the site to be waterproofed.

How Does Water Come Through My Floor?

If you notice a growing wet spot on your floor or water coming up through the basement floor, it could be because of a plumbing leak, leaky in-floor heating system, or groundwater seeping through your home's ceiling or foundation.

What Is Causing My Basement to Be Leaky, Musty or Damp?

The common causes of moisture or water infiltration are:

  •  Hydrostatic and lateral pressure that forces water into the basement against the foundation walls or floor
  • Heavy rainfall or melting snow, which could cause the water table to rise
  • Soil composition
  • Faulty, broken or clogged drainage systems
  •  Poorly maintained window wells and windows

It is always in your best interest to invest in a reliable and efficient drainage system to protect your basement and foundation from water damage and prevent any further damage and structural issues to your home or building.

How Do I Determine the Source of Water Leakage?

Detecting the water source entering the basement or foundation can be tricky and often require special tools. You can rely on our technicians to carefully diagnose your leakage issue, determine the water seepage location and then suggest all the viable solutions fix it.


Check our blogs for more helpful information on waterproofing. We have provided reliable and efficient waterproofing services since 1994. Call our expert contractors at BOL-DAN Foundation & Masonry Inc. for a free estimate.

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