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Premiere Foundation Waterproofing Service in Ottawa

When dealing with water buildup in your basement or repairing cracks in your foundation, trust BOL-DAN, Ottawa’s foundation waterproofing experts. Our team of foundation contractors provides a range of waterproofing services and is equipped to handle foundation replacements.


Leakages or seepages can cause a buildup of water in your foundation. The water will damage your walls and weakens your structures. It can also enter the cracks in your foundation and make matters worse. But on the brighter side, avoiding this water buildup is easy. All you need to do is to get in touch with the waterproofing experts at Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc in Ottawa.


We provide excellent foundation waterproofing services in Ottawa so that you don’t have to deal with moisture issues in your foundation. By waterproofing your foundation walls, we make sure that your property becomes and remains structurally sound. This also increases the longevity of your building. By waterproofing the walls in your foundation, you are taking the first step towards ensuring that your home foundation is protected and secure for a long time.



Our professionals have the extensive skills and experience necessary to deal with any size of leakage. We use effective sealants and other waterproofing products to ensure that your water leakage problem is resolved effectively and thoroughly. Over years of serving clients across Ottawa, we have established ourselves as a notable waterproofing solutions provider.


Our professional workmen can quickly identify the fault and give you a fair and transparent cost estimate. They are committed to completing the work within the given timescale and budget with minimum invasion and intrusion.



Basement flooding can be a stressful experience for homeowners. If you notice the foundation is letting water through, it should be repaired and waterproofed as soon as possible to avoid problems. Homeowners always benefit from waterproofing their foundations!


Even the most fortified foundations can let water through; sometimes, even a small crack can lead to significant water damage. Leaks are not always obvious. If you notice one or some of the following signs, you should consider calling a foundation waterproofing expert in Ottawa:

Mould and mildew: these are found near areas that are exposed to a leak or moisture.
Wet or rotting wood: with time, wood exposed to moisture will start decaying.
 Rust stains: rust can form on metal components that have been oxidized as a result of contact with water.
Seepage: this may happen due to water passing through cracks in the foundation wall or porous material.


Call us and ask about our 20-year guarantee on our foundation waterproofing services!



When you contact Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc for foundation waterproofing in Ottawa, you experience high-quality service performed by a friendly, competent and experienced staff. Our team will seal any leak and repair any crack to ensure your basement is properly protected against water seeping through. In addition, we’ll install effective waterproofing products, such as a Platon membrane. With a proper waterproofing solution, your foundations will stay dry and in good condition for years to come.

Our team will answer all your questions regarding our waterproofing methods for foundations and work with great care to give you lasting results. We offer a free estimate and a 20-year guarantee for our waterproofing services. Call us to learn more!


  1. By having your foundation treated by the Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry Inc team of experts, you prevent future flooding and save on the expenses associated with repairs.

  2. Waterproofing is a way to prevent the formation of harmful air pollutants such as mould or mildew.

  3. If you use an HVAC system, humid air can end up costing you more! Basement waterproofing can reduce humidity levels as well as your energy consumption

  4. Foundation waterproofing helps boost property value, providing a safe and dry home for future buyers.a


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Protect Your Home

Avoid unpleasant surprises thanks to our foundation waterproofing services in the Ottawa region.

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