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How to Fix a Leaky Foundation Wall

Leaks from a foundation wall crack

Does your basement smell musty or mouldy all the time? Can you feel the humidity in the air? If so, you may have a leaky foundation on your hands. Keep reading for a few tips on how to fix a leaky foundation wall yourself, and when it’s time to call the professionals for complete foundation waterproofing in Ottawa.

Finding the source

The first step you’ll need to take is to locate the source of the leak. If you try to repair the surface of the wall without identifying where the water is coming from, you could end up with another leak on your hands later on. Typical sources of foundation leaks could include:

  • Water entering through cracks

  • Water entering through tie-rod holes

  • Water entering through cinder blocks 

  • Window wells

  • Hydrostatic pressure

  • Lack of moisture protection on walls

If water is penetrating the foundation wall, there will often be visible markers, even if your basement is finished. You may see signs of mould, staining or discolouration, warping of the floor, or your carpets may feel damp to the touch.

  • Decide on The Best Way to Stop The Leak 

You’ll need to employ different strategies depending on the type of leak that you have. These strategies could include diverting water away from the wall, filling holes using low-pressure concrete injection or waterproofing the entire wall.

  • Low-Pressure Injection 

Low-pressure injection is often the first choice for homeowners because it is less expensive and less invasive than fully waterproofing a home’s foundation. It can be completed quickly and offers a long-term solution when done correctly. Concrete crack injection involves cleaning and preparing the crack, and then injecting polyurethane into the crack to permanently fill the hole.

  • Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing is the best way to take care of a foundation wall with multiple cracks. To waterproof your entire foundation, or even just a single foundation wall, you’ll first have to excavate the area on the exterior of the wall. The wall is then cleaned and the cracks are fixed with cement. The footings are waterproofed with Aquablock and flood boot is applied. System Platon membrane is then applied to the walls up to the edge of the footings. New weeping tile is then installed with filter sock and gravel on drain. Window wells are then installed with proper vertical drainage. Finally, you need to backfill with native soils or stone. 

The option that will work best for you depends on a number of factors including the structure of your home, and the number and severity of leaks. For more information about how to repair a leaky foundation wall, or to inquire about complete foundation waterproofing, contact Bol-Dan Foundation & Masonry. Bol-Dan has proudly served Ottawa and the surrounding areas since 1994. Contact us now to learn more about our services or to request a free quote


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