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3 Tips to Avoid Foundation Issues


Foundation issues are every homeowner's nightmare. They can cause issues throughout your home, and the longer they are ignored the worse problems can get. Luckily, there are easy ways to make sure you never need to reach out to foundation contractors. To learn more about how to prevent foundation issues just keep reading below!


1. Foundation Issues Can Come From Moisture Differences

One of the most common causes of foundation issues is moisture and inadequate draining. If water pools around a specific area in your home, especially if it's near the base of your home, you could be in trouble. Water can find its way into the smallest of crevices and erode foundations over time.

Water can also cause unequal pressure around a home's foundation, causing it to crack over time. One of the best ways to prevent this is to waterproof your foundation for your home. Especially with the weather in Ottawa, it's important to be ready for water eroding your foundation.


2. Keep Deeply Rooted Plants Away From Your Home

Another common reason foundation issues come up is because of plants with strong roots. Everyone loves a good garden — they can spruce up a home and even increase its resell value. But if it's planted too close to a home's base, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Trees tend to have roots that find their way into all sorts of areas, and they may even dig into your foundation. If water is pooling near your foundation, the roots may naturally spread out around it. Over time, they can crack into the cement and cause significant damage.

Roots that crack into your home can also cause more severe future issues. They can open cracks, giving outdoor water a way to enter your home's foundation. Once that happens, you will need to pay to fix the cracks, remove the roots and repair your foundation.


3. Fix Cracks and Structural Integrity Issues at the Source

One of the best ways to tell if there are issues with your foundation is to stay on the lookout for odd cracks around your home. They will show up in places where pressure is highest.

At first, homeowners may try to fix the cracks by covering them up. If they continually reappear, then you could have a foundation that is having issues. So don't just patch cracks up without thinking about where they come from — they could be a sign of more severe issues.


The Professionals Can Save Your Foundation

If you are having foundation issues, you need the right foundation construction professionals to help. Your home's foundation is literally the thing that everything is built off of. If there are issues with your foundation, everything else can start having issues too.

Bol-Dan Foundation and Masonry have some of the most knowledgeable and skilled workers anywhere. If you need your foundation repair, give our team a call.


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