Foundation Repairs in the Ottawa Region

Our Experts at BOL-DAN can take care of all your foundation repairs in Ottawa and the Outaouais region. As masonry specialists, we are able to evaluate the damages and choose the correct solutions to restore your house’s integrity and value. Whether your foundation is in blocks, stones or concrete, we can help you!

Identifying Foundation Issues

It is part of a homeowner’s responsibilities to make sure the foundation of his or her house is well maintained and to identify possible foundation issues. However, most owners hardly think about doing regular checks and, when they do, they don’t even know how to identify possible complications. At BOL-DAN, we know that preventing a foundation problem is always easier and less expensive than having to repair it. We have experienced professionals and equipment necessary to provide foundation repair services in Ottawa.

Here are some signs that your Ottawa home needs foundation repairs:

  • Cracks appear in your foundation
  • Water leaks in your basement 
  • Cracks appear on the inner or outer walls (e.g. zig-zag cracks in brick walls)
  • Gaps are visible between caulking and windows or doors, or between crown molding and ceiling
  • Windows and doors do not open or shut as usual anymore
  • Nails heads are exposed as they pop out of the drywall and push the paint away
  • Your basement walls are bowing in due to the expanding soil 
  • Your floors are sloping (over 1 inch every 15 to 20 feet)
  • Your wall papers separate and tear as the walls shift

If you notice any of these signs, communicate with our team right away! We’re Ottawa’s specialists for foundation repair.

Winter Impacts Your Foundations in Ottawa

Whereas the soil contracts in the summer due to the lack of humidity, it expands in the winter as it stores water and ice in plenty. This can put pressure on your home’s foundation, causing it to heave. This is the main cause of cracks and bowing that will eventually affect the whole house’s structure if not taken care of. BOL-DAN experts have the methods to intervene adequately and repair weakened or damaged foundation. 

Foundations Repair Techniques

BOL-DAN’s team of experts works with great care when repairing your home’s foundations. We use the best techniques and tools in order to make sure your investment in protected for years to come. Count on us if you are looking for reliable foundation repair needs in Ottawa.

Grout pumping to reinforce block walls

The process involves coring holes in block foundation to insert reinforcement bar and pumping grout into block cavities to reinforce bowed walls due to frost heaving or other causes.

Crack injections

Crack injection consists in drilling in cracks, installing injection tubes, patching with hydraulic cement, and injecting polyurethane to fill the crack and stop water from infiltrating.

Repointing of stones

Repointing means to remove old mortar and replace it with new. Using the appropriate tools and techniques, our experts remove loose cement and clean the area before repointing. New cement is applied in successive layers below grade and above grade.

Steel plates

Installing steel plates stabilizes cracks and minimizes their reopening. This solution is adapted to poured concrete, wherever filling cracks would prove not efficient on the long term. The steel plates prevent the crack from increasing.

Wire mesh

Wire mesh is used where concrete has been exposed to freezing and thawing cycle. After removing and cleaning all deteriorated concrete, a wire mesh is installed to avoid the opening or shifting of cracks and joints, which stabilizes the concrete. Polypropylene fibers combined to the new concrete stops cracks efficiently.


Parging is used to protect the exposed, i.e. above grade, foundation made with poured concrete or concrete blocks. Parging covers formwork results that often look unfinished and helps protecting the foundation against bad weather.

Helical piers

Helical piers are ideal for exterior foundation repairs and interior concrete slab repairs. They are well adapted to structures that are light (columns of porches or vinyl sidings). They cause no pressure or vibration to the foundation during their installation.

Concrete piers

Usually used with new constructions, concrete piers can also be used for repairs as they offer permanent results. However, it is an expansive method since the professionals need to dig out a lot of soil and may have difficulties bringing the equipment on the residential property.

Segmented piers

Also made of concrete, their main advantage is their low cost. As they are installed directly under the footing, they require the lifting and stabilization of the structure above.

Spot piers

Narrow and filled with concrete, spot piers function well when the foundation to be repaired supports a light structure, such as a porch.

High-density polyurethane foam

This foundation repair technique is mostly used with slabs. Inexpensive and fast to install compared to other methods, high-density polyurethane foam must be installed by cautious experts who will ensure that HVAC, supply and drain lines conduits are safe.

Protect Your Home

Get it fixed before it gets worst! We provide foundation repair services in the Ottawa region.  

We will discuss how we can remedy your foundation concerns. At the very first step of inspection, our certified technicians will evaluate your foundation and provide you with all the possible solutions. Contact our team today for your foundation repair needs in Ottawa.

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