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Grout Pumping in Ottawa

Grout is generally a mixture of cement, sand, and water or chemicals used to fill gaps. Grout pumping is the injection of fluid-like material into the soil or rock to alter its physical characteristics.

Grout pumping can be used to repair concrete cracks, produce mass concrete structures and piles, soil stabilization, repair voids in tunnels, fix defects on building masonry, and more. This non-corrosive and non-toxic process is rapidly becoming popular in Ottawa because it has a set of highly impressive characteristics such as its ability to mix easily, how it increases the strength of the structure, and how it compensates for shrinkage.

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There are a number of materials that can be used in grout pumping.

  • Cement Grout Pumping
  • Chemical Grout Pumping
  • Bentonite Grout Pumping
  • Resin Grout Pumping
  • Bituminous Grout Pumping

Each material in this list has its own application. Get in touch and our experts will suggest the right grout pumping material that will suit your needs. When it comes to grout pumping in Ottawa, BOL-DAN Foundation & Masonry Inc is the option to go for!


Benefits of Grout Pumping

This process works well with all types of ground conditions.

  • Grout pumping effectively controls seepage.
  • Grout pumping does not induce vibration and can be controlled to avoid structural damage.
  • Grout pumping controls groundwater during construction.
  • A cost-effective technique.
  • Grout pumping has proven to be an extremely reliable choice for the people of Ottawa.
  • It is highly effective in soil stabilization.


Get in touch with Experts On grout pumping in Ottawa

Our grout pumping team has dealt with a wide range of projects in Ottawa. With years of experience and an admirable success record, our skilled professionals' team has assisted many people in Ottawa with their grout pumping requirements.

Feel free to reach out to us if there is any concrete crack that needs to be fixed or any defect in the building masonry that needs to be repaired. Grout pumping is very useful for soil stabilization, so don't shy from seeking any advice from our experts. We look forward to helping you out.

Effective Grout Pumping in Ottawa

Want to get the surface cracks on your property repaired?

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