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Vacuum Excavation in Ottawa

Vacuum excavation is a cost-effective as well as non-destructive digging process that is gaining popularity in Ottawa. As the name suggests, this technique is done to excavate land and is rapidly becoming the preferred choice over the traditional digging methods.

Vacuum excavation has numerous uses, such as checking the underground utilities, excavating plumbing pipes and sewer lines, removing debris, clearing environmental boring holes, etc. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about vacuum excavation, and our experts at BOL-DAN Foundation & Masonry Inc. will help you out.

Types of Vacuum Excavation

There are two commonly used methods, viz. hydro vacuum excavation and air vacuum excavation, when it comes to vacuum excavation.

Hydro-vacuum excavation: This method of vacuum excavation uses high-pressure water-jets to excavate the land. The combination of high-pressure water and high-speed vacuum contributes to an immensely efficient, fast, and successful vacuum excavation method.

Air vacuum excavation: Other than the aforementioned hydro vacuum excavation, one more method goes by the name of air vacuum excavation. A high-velocity stream of suctioned air is used for digging in this method.


Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

Minimal damage to underground utilities

One significant disparity between vacuum excavation and conventional digging process is that the former does minimum to no harm to your underground utilities. Fixtures like water lines, cable lines, sewage pipes, or boring wells are left untouched.

Advanced technology

A city as fast as Ottawa deserves an equally fast, advanced, and accurate digging technique, which is precisely what vacuum excavation is all about. It is much more advanced than any other digging process and requires less workforce as well. This, in turn, makes the probability of on-site accidents relatively less.

Safer and cleaner site

Thanks to the advanced technology involved, vacuum excavation doesn't leave the site messy and dirty, which is usually the case with traditional digging methods. The unique mechanism involved in the vacuum excavation removes the debris and stores it via a suction nozzle.


By this point, you must've learned how accurate and tidy vacuum excavation is as it involves

advanced technology and less labor. The process is fast compared to the traditional digging technique, so it saves time in the long run and saves a lot of money too. Secondly, the chances of incurring any additional costs are minimal because, in this process, the surroundings are unchanged, so the amount quoted to you at the beginning is most likely the only amount you'll be paying for the service. 


Get in touch with Ottawa's Trusted Vacuum Excavation Team

We have assisted many clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas with their digging needs, and it will be our utmost pleasure to add your name to that list.

Feel free to get in touch with our experts if you have any questions about vacuum excavation.

Reliable Vacuum Excavations in Ottawa

Looking for a way to get your land excavated without any utility damage?

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