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Does Soil Affect the Foundation?

Does Soil Affect the Foundation?

A wooden house with a concrete foundation can last over 100 years, but various factors can affect this.

The foundation is an essential part of every home and must be well constructed. A foundation must be secure, safe, and long-lasting; soil type is one of the most critical factors. You may need foundation repair services in Ottawa if your foundation requires maintenance.

For a rundown of soil and foundation factors to consider, keep reading.


Peaty soil often contains a lot of water, which makes it easily compressible. However, it can dry out in the summer, making it more flammable than other soil types. This makes it a safety hazard, and the change in the state throughout the year is poor for stability, making this one of the worse types of soil for a home foundation.


Clay can also hold a lot of moisture, expanding when it's wetter, then shrinking when it dries out. The amount of water also affects how pliable clay is, which could be better. Clay can cause a lot of movement leading to foundation cracks, which is another wrong choice.


Silty soil has relatively small particles which hold water well. This means it drains poorly and is often quite cold. It quickly expands, which can pressure foundations, weakening them with time.


Compared to other soil types, this has the largest particles, which stops it from holding moisture. It drains quickly when wet and can hold together well when compacted. This initially seems ideal, but when it does get wet, particles can wash away, which creates gaps in the foundation, putting it at risk.


Loam is generally considered one of the best soil types for home foundations. It's usually made of sand, silt, and clay, making it dry, soft, and crumbly.

It has evenly balanced properties, which help keep it stable. One of the main advantages is that it maintains water at a flat rate. Other soils can sometimes infiltrate the surface, but loam is an excellent solution as long as this doesn't happen.


Various types of rock, such as sandstone, limestone, and hard chalk, can all be suitable foundations. These work well due to their high strength and stability.

The durability of rock means it can be ideal for protecting a foundation. Note that it needs to be level. Otherwise, it may not be suitable.

Foundation Repair Services in Ottawa

With time, foundations can degrade, just like any other element of a home. Keeping yours well-maintained will help your home last longer and reduce the need for more extensive, costly repairs.

BOL-DAN Foundation & Masonry offers foundation repair services in Ottawa and a range of other home maintenance services. Visit our services page today to learn more about how we can maintain and repair your foundations.


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