What is concrete injection repair and how does it work?

Concrete is generally considered to be a durable construction material, but over time, even professionally poured concrete can become vulnerable to cracks, water damage and deterioration. If there’s a crack in your foundation, you could be at risk of leaks, increased heating costs or even structural problems. Keep reading to learn more about foundation crack repair with concrete injection and how it can help you protect your Ottawa home.

What is concrete injection? 

Concrete injection is a special technique used to restore, rather than replace, sections of concrete that have developed cracks. It is less invasive than many other foundation crack repair methods used in Ottawa and can be highly effective. Concrete injection can be used to quickly and easily repair cracks and imperfections in concrete walls and foundations.

How concrete injection works
A concrete repair specialist will install one or more injection ports in the crack before sealing the surface with a special adhesive to help to hold the ports in place. Once the surface is prepared, the crack will then be injected with a special polyurethane that expands as it’s injected to fill every part of the crack. The injection is administered with low pressure and a slow pace to prevent causing damage to the concrete.

Why it matters
While repairing the cracks in your concrete foundation wall may seem like an aesthetic choice, the condition of your foundation wall is actually essential to your home’s structural integrity. Even the smallest crack can develop into a major problem if left unchecked. There are many benefits to having the cracks in your foundation repaired as soon as possible.

As a preventive measure. Cracks tend to worsen over time, so by quickly attending to cracks in your foundation wall, you’ll be able to prevent bigger problems like shifting or sagging, from developing further down the line.

Air purity. Cracks in the foundation wall allow moisture to accumulate in your basement, which can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. Keep the air inside your home healthy with prompt attention to foundation cracks.

Decrease your energy costs. Humidity tends to make cold air feel cooler and warm air feel warmer, so you’ll inevitably spend more on heating and air conditioning when humidity is allowed to build inside your home.

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